How-to: Adding the Countdown Timer to Home or Collection page

By default the sale timer is shown on the product page only. However, with a few steps you can also show it on collection or home page, when your sale is active.

Step 1: Enabling the Countdown Timer

  1. Create Your Sale: Start by creating your sale in Disco. During this process, make sure to enable the "Show countdown timer" checkbox.

Step 2: Locating Your Sale ID

  1. Navigate to Campaigns: After creating the sale, go to Disco, then click on Campaigns.
  2. Edit Your Campaign: Find your sale and click on Edit.

  3. Copy the Sale ID: In the address bar of the browser, you’ll see a URL like this: ../discount-planner-by-productessentials/edit/8f336858-236d-4ed7-b1dc-b7d906a16ba6 . The alphanumeric code at the end is your sale ID (8f..-..-..ba6 ). Copy it.

Step 3: Adding the Countdown Timer to Your Theme

  1. Access Theme Editor: Navigate to your store theme editor by going to Online Store > Themes > Customize.
  2. Select Location: Choose where you want the countdown timer to appear, for example, the home page.
  3. Add the Countdown Timer Section:
    • Under Template, click Add section.
    • Select Apps, then choose Disco Countdown Timer.

  4. Configure Timer Settings:
    • Click on Disco Countdown Timer to access its properties on the left side.
    • Insert the copied Sale ID into the designated field.

  5. Save Your Changes: Press save to finalize and display your countdown timer.

Final Steps:

  • Check Display: After saving, view your store's homepage to see the countdown timer in action.
  • Adjust if Needed: If the timer isn't displaying as expected, revisit the steps or contact support for assistance.

By adding a countdown timer, you can effectively enhance the appeal of your sales, encouraging prompt action from your customers.