How-to: Reinstall Page Template for Flash Sale and Coming Soon Pages

To ensure the proper display of your flash sale and coming soon pages, it's essential to have the correct page template installed in your store theme. If you've switched themes or accidentally removed the template, follow these easy steps to reinstall it:

Step-by-Step Reinstallation Process:

  1. Navigate to Disco Settings:
    • Begin by accessing your Disco dashboard.
    • Click on Settings.

  2. Reinstall the Page Template:
    • Within Settings, locate and press the Reinstall button. This action will automatically reinstall the necessary page template for your theme.


  • Success: After clicking 'Reinstall', the page template should be successfully integrated into your current store theme.
  • Verification: It's a good practice to verify the flash sale and coming soon pages to ensure they display correctly after reinstallation.

For any further assistance or queries, don't hesitate to reach out for support. We're here to ensure your sales pages are up and running perfectly!