Install the Countdown Timer, Sale Banner & Badges in your theme

To use the Disco sale widgets, you must first enable the Disco App Embed in your store theme.

Steps to install the Countdown Timer, Sale Banner & Badges in your theme:

  1. Accessing the Setup Guide:

    Start by opening the Disco app Dashboard. Locate and expand the Setup guide step titled "Install countdown timer and announcement bar app embed."

  2. Installing the App Embed:

    Click on the "Install app embed" button. This action will launch your theme editor and automatically enable the app embed in your theme.

  3. Saving Your Changes:

    The last step is to save the changes. This will ensure that the app embed loads next time your store page is displayed.

    When you get back to Disco, the setup step should automatically be marked as done:

If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out for support. We're here to ensure your announcement bar enhances your site effectively!