How-to: Make announcement bar full width (OS 2.0)

Steps to make announcement bar full width:

  1. Accessing the Setup Guide:

    Start by opening the Disco app Dashboard. Locate and expand the Setup guide step titled "Change placement of countdown timer and announcement bar."

  2. Initiating the Placement Process:

    Click on the "Place announcement bar" button. This action will launch your theme editor and automatically integrate the Disco announcement bar into your layout.

  3. Adjusting for Full-Width Display:

    If your preference is to have the announcement bar span the full width of the page, click on the Apps section. Here, uncheck the option labeled Make section margins same as theme to enable a full-width display.

  4. Saving Your Changes:

    Once you're satisfied with the positioning and settings, click on the "Save" button to apply your modifications.