Show discount on Cart

By default, the Shopify cart page does not show Disco discounts. In order to display the discounts on your cart page, you can utilize the custom Disco cart sections. NB: Requires Online Store 2.0 theme.

Follow these steps to insert the Disco cart sections into your cart page:

  1. Access Theme Customization
    • Navigate to Online Store > Themes.
    • Find the theme you want to customize and click Customize.

      Customize theme
  2. Go to the Cart Page Setting
    • Click on the page drop-down menu located at the top of the sidebar.
    • Select Cart from the list.

      Select cart
  3. Add the Disco Cart Items Section
    • In the left sidebar, under the Template heading, click Add section.
    • Navigate to the App tab and select Disco Cart Items.

      Add Disco Cart Items
  4. Rearrange Sections
    • Drag and drop the Apps section so it appears above the Subtotal section.

      Rearrange Apps
  5. Adjust Section Width
    • Click on Apps.
    • Uncheck the option Make sections margins the same as theme to enable full width for the Disco Cart Items.

      Disable same section margins
  6. Hide the Original Items Template
    • Hover over the Items section.
    • Click the "Eye" icon to hide it.

      Hide original Items
  7. Optional: Show Total Discount
    • Inside the Subtotal section, click Add block.
    • Choose Disco Cart Total Discount from the options.

      Add Disco Cart Total Discount
    • Drag and place it above the "Subtotal price" to display the discount before the total price.

      Rearrange total discount
  8. Save Your Changes
    • Once you're satisfied with the adjustments, click Save in the top right corner to apply the changes.