Setting Up a Campaign with Sale Page

Step 1: Select Products, Apply Discounts, and Define Campaign Duration

1.1 Selecting the Type of Sale

To begin, decide if you want to apply a uniform discount across all products in your campaign by choosing Same Discount. Alternatively, select Different Discounts if you prefer to assign varying discount values to different products.

In this example, we will proceed with the Different Discounts option.

1.2 Choosing Products for the Sale

Identify and select the products that you wish to include in your sales campaign.

1.3 Setting Individual Product Discounts

Since we opted for Different Discounts, you now have the ability to specify discounts on a per-product basis:

Utilize the arrow buttons located to the left of the product list to rearrange the display order of your products on the sale's dedicated page.

1.4 Managing Product Variants

Click on Edit Variants for each product to exclude any specific variants, should that be necessary.

1.5 Scheduling Your Campaign

Determine and set the start and end date & time for your sales campaign.

Click Next to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Incorporating Promotional Enhancements

2.1 Adding Countdown Timers and Badges

Activate the product page countdown timer and sale badges if you wish to utilize them. Note that these elements will only be visible during the active sale period.

To tailor the appearance of the sale badge, click Edit Design.

2.2 Configuring the Active Sale Announcement Bar

Enable and set up the announcement bar to appear when the sale is ongoing. This feature activates automatically once the sale commences.

2.3 Setting Up the Scheduled Sale Announcement Bar

Enable and configure the announcement bar for the upcoming sale. This bar becomes visible as soon as you create your sale and remains active until the sale starts. It can also serve as a tool for gathering customer email addresses.

Every submitted email address will be added to the Shopify store admin's customer page, tagged with 'newsletter', 'disco', and '[sale title]', where [sale title] represents the title you designated for the sale.

Click Next to move on to the final step.

Step 3: Customizing Your Sale’s Dedicated Page

3.1 Sale Page Customization

The flash sale page is automatically generated and published once your campaign begins, and it will be taken down after the campaign concludes. If you select "Add link to announcement bar", a direct link to the sale page will be included in the announcement bar button.

Click Edit Design to personalize the appearance of your sale page.

3.2 Previewing the Coming Soon Page

The coming soon page becomes accessible once you've set up your sale, remaining visible until the sale officially starts.

To alter the design of the coming soon page, click Edit Design.

After saving the campaign, you can click View landing page on the Campaigns page to see the Coming Soon Page.

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