How-to: Create sale with countdown timer and announcement bar


1. The first step is to open Disco and click Create sale

Step 1 image

2. Enter a sale title Step 2 image

3. (Optional) Click Create collection Step 3 image

4. Enter Discount amount
Step 4 image

5. (Optional) Click Round to nearest
Step 5 image

6. Scroll down and Select products.
Either All products (storewide) or Specific product selection. This guide will follow the latter.
Step 6 image

7. Use either of the three options to select products. This guide uses Add product(s). Step 7 image

8. Select the products to discount.
Step 8 image

9. Click Add Step 9 image

10. Scroll down and click Starts at to select a start date.
Step 10 image

11. Choose date and time.
Step 11 image

12. Click Apply Step 12 image

13. Click Ends at to select an end date.
Step 13 image

14. Choose date and time. Step 14 image

15. Click Apply Step 15 image

16. Scroll down and click Show countdown timer on product page.
Step 16 image

17. Scroll down and select an active sale announcement template. Step 17 image

18. Now, you can customize text and button link.
Step 18 image

19. Scroll down, select an Pre-sale announcement template and customize if needed. Step 19 image

20. Scroll up and click Create sale.

Step 20 image

21. Click View status Step 21 image

22. That's it. You're done.
Click the Online Store Preview-button to see the result on your store. Step 22 image